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Tasha Poduska

"Empowering You to Uncover and Embrace Your Greatness"


Executive Consultant, Strategist, Coach | Bridging the Gap Between Sports and Corporate Excellence

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Dynamic and visionary, Tasha Poduska is an Executive Consultant with a rich history of steering complex global projects and nurturing high-performing teams in both the sports and corporate realms. Her career began in the bustling markets of post-communistic Russia, where she successfully executed trades exceeding $54 million. This early experience laid the foundation for her extensive operations managing significant oil transactions during a comlex trading period, highlighting her prowess in international trade and strategic financial ventures.


Tasha's background is uniquely complemented by her tenure as a licensed trader with a specialized focus on petroleum and tech startups. She demonstrated her strategic acumen by spearheading a pioneering $15 million ICO blockchain launch across Asian markets, showcasing her ability to navigate and lead in cutting-edge financial landscapes. Beyond finance, her entrepreneurial ventures include owning Mexican restaurants and production facilities in the Russian Far East, showcasing her flair for integrating diverse cultures with business success.


Today, Tasha blends her expertise in strategic mergers, acquisitions, and market innovation with a passion for sports, applying the discipline and teamwork of athletic endeavors to corporate strategy. This unique approach has empowered her to develop the "Frappuccino to Ferrari" training model, a groundbreaking method that revolutionizes how companies foster environments of excellence and high performance without additional resources.


Recognized for her masterful international negotiation skills and strategic insights, Tasha guides leaders and executive teams to merge, acquire, or restructure for competitive advantage. Her work maximizes ROI and transforms organizational challenges into lucrative opportunities. Her ability to navigate complex transactions and her strategic vision have made her a sought-after consultant in the international business community.


Tasha's career is marked by her commitment to inspiring and leading teams to transcend their limits, activating their highest potential for groundbreaking success. She understands that the principles of sports—discipline, teamwork, resilience, and strategic thinking—are equally applicable in the corporate world. By leveraging these principles, she helps organizations achieve their goals with the same precision and determination seen in top sports teams.


The "Frappuccino to Ferrari" training model is a testament to Tasha's innovative thinking. This model is designed to transform corporate cultures, driving performance and excellence without the need for additional resources. By focusing on the intrinsic strengths of teams and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, Tasha enables organizations to achieve remarkable results. Her approach emphasizes the importance of adaptability, quick decision-making, and maintaining a high level of performance under pressure—key elements in both sports and business success.


Tasha's entrepreneurial spirit and her ability to adapt to various cultural and business environments are further demonstrated by her successful ventures in the Russian Far East. Owning and operating Mexican restaurants and production facilities in this region required a deep understanding of local markets and a strategic approach to business development. These experiences have enriched her perspective and provided her with a unique toolkit to address the challenges faced by modern businesses.


In addition to her business accomplishments, Tasha is committed to personal development and continuous learning. She believes that true leadership involves a constant pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. This belief drives her to stay at the forefront of industry trends and to continuously refine her methodologies to better serve her clients.


Tasha Poduska's journey from the financial markets of post-communistic Russia to becoming a leading executive consultant is a story of resilience, innovation, and strategic brilliance. Her ability to bridge the gap between sports and corporate excellence sets her apart in the consulting world. By applying the principles of sports to corporate strategy, she not only helps organizations achieve their goals but also inspires a culture of excellence and high performance.


Her clients benefit from her deep understanding of both the sports and corporate worlds, her strategic insights, and her ability to drive transformative change. Whether guiding a major merger, developing a strategic plan, or implementing her innovative training model, Tasha Poduska is dedicated to helping organizations succeed and thrive in a competitive global marketplace.



Executive Coach

I offer personalized coaching to help high-performing professionals, including corporate leaders and athletes, achieve their utmost potential.

Public Speaking

Public Speaker

I'm a public speaker skilled in turning doubt into confidence, aiming to inspire individuals and large groups to venture into new areas, enhance resilience, and seize opportunities with a positive outlook. If you're looking for a speaker to elevate your audience, reach out for details on my impactful sessions.

"I am abruptly roused from my complacent existence by an influential energy emanating from her. Feelings of motivation and determination consume me, along with a subtle apprehension of failing to meet her expectations. However, it is precisely this apprehension that propels our successful partnership forward. Without a doubt, she is the most exceptional coach I have ever had the privilege of working with."
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Success Stories

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C-Level Position

Guided a client towards securing a C-level position in a Fortune 500 company.


Facilitated transformative growth for an entrepreneur leading to a business valuation of $10M+.

Olympic Athlete

Coached an athlete from near-burnout to Olympic qualification

Career Transition

Assisted a former CEO of a top 500 company, through their transition from corporate leadership to launching a successful startup. 

My Approach

I combine evidence-based strategies with personalized insight, pushing you beyond your limits to unlock potential you never knew you had. My methods are not for everyone – they require commitment, courage, and a readiness to invest in your future.

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