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As a seasoned life and business coach, as well as an inspiring motivational speaker, my expertise extends beyond my own dynamic and successful history. My true strength lies in my capacity to unearth and nurture the potential within you. I believe that your distinctive background, rich experiences, and personal narrative are the cornerstone of our collaborative success. I am dedicated to guiding highly skilled professionals like you in leveraging your unique qualities to achieve remarkable outcomes in both your personal and professional endeavors.

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About me...

Tasha Poduska is an eminent leader and a visionary in international trade and finance. With decades of experience spanning global markets, Tasha has a proven track record of transformative success stories. From generating substantial revenue through strategic trade deals in Russia and Dubai to innovating in blockchain technology in Asia, her journey is one of relentless pursuit and remarkable achievements.


- International Trade and Finance: Previously licensed in petroleum trading and holder of series 7, 6, 63, and 26 trading licenses.
- Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions: Expertise in evaluating, strategizing, and leading high-stakes M&A transactions.
- Leadership Development: Creator of the "Frappuccino to Ferrari" approach, revolutionizing corporate team performance.


Entrepreneurial Ventures
- Food and Beverage: Owner of thriving Mexican eateries and food production facilities in the Russian Far East, blending international flavors with local tastes.
- Blockchain Technology: Successfully raised $15 million for a pioneering ICO in Asia, setting new standards in tech investment.


Leadership for Tasha means making the impossible possible and guiding her teams to achieve more with less. Her training programs and leadership methods are designed to extract greatness from every team member, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in corporate environments.

Join Tasha in redefining the landscape of corporate excellence. Your journey to transcending your own traditional business boundaries begins here.

If You Still Want More Info...

I bring to the table a unique and eclectic professional journey that spans continents and industries. Born in the United States with a background in psychology, I ventured into the world of professional volleyball in Russia, which paved the way for an illustrious 18-year career in international trade with Russian enterprises. My business acumen is further evidenced by my involvement in diverse ventures including mergers, acquisitions, startup initiatives, takeovers, and pioneering blockchain ICO launches. Additionally, I co-own a Mexican restaurant and tortilla plant in Russia and proudly support a successful Russian Women's American football team as both a coach and sponsor.

My career trajectory has been marked by significant roles in portfolio management at Fidelity Investments, retail management at Levis, and project management at Amazon. My distinction lies in my relentless pursuit of excellence and an unwavering commitment to high standards. I am known for setting challenging benchmarks – if a task set to be completed in under a minute isn't done in 59.59 seconds, we do it again. This approach has proved effective in fostering accountability and motivation among individuals, ultimately leading to personal and professional transformation.

As a public speaker, my strength lies in guiding individuals towards becoming the best versions of themselves, with a focus that transcends professional achievement or family leadership. I specialize in reminding people of their own greatness, either by reconnecting them with their past strengths or by painting a vision of their potential future selves. My approach encourages individuals to shed their burdens and let go of their struggles, creating a cascade of positivity and a tangible improvement in their life and environment. For highly skilled professionals seeking a catalyst for profound personal growth and transformative change, my journey and expertise offer the inspiration and guidance needed to achieve just that.

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And here are some certificates

Jay Shetty Certification
Scotwork Certificate
OTHM Certification
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